Negotiation and Dispute Resolution – DVD




Watch approximately 30 minutes of Allan’s network television program and see distributive bargaining in action. See the live studio audience grapple with the problem of dividing $1000 between a rich and poor person who have different uses for the money. What’s fair?

Watch Allan mediate the class case of two negotiators who want the same lemon and how he satisfies at least 24 people in a two-party negotiation. Learn what your “I Quit” position is in a negotiation. Find out how setting your “range of settlement” can enhance your bargaining power.

This is inspired by the curriculum from both the Harvard Program on Negotiation and the Osgoode Hall Law School dispute resolution program. Allan is a graduate of both.

If your dispute has the potential to become a crisis you’ll benefit from the bonus 90 minute Crisis and Disaster Management distance education course.

If your event may become public, you’ll need to use the 90 minute Public Affairs and Media Training distance learning course too.

These distance education course were originally sold at $129 and included a workbook, wallet card and pocket guide. They’ve been re-bundled in celebration of our 20 year in business.

This DVD also contains dozens of bonus video clips and a surprise interview with an international diplomat whose job was to respond to crises everywhere in the world.


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