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A risk is a threat that may or may not happen. Prudent managers distinguish between high frequency risks that have little impact, and low frequency risks that can have a devastating impact on people and organizations. Find out how to learn from past incidents and keep your organization safer. Risks can be physical threats such as fire, explosions and spills. Or risks can be threats to your reputation, supplies and market.

Good security or loss prevention is not just perimeter security. It’s secure supply and delivery chains, image and reputation. Fascinating case studies and an upbeat presentation make this audio learning system informative and enjoyable.

Whether you’re in loss prevention, writing a crisis plan for the first time or updating your plan to take pandemic planning into account, these materials are a great start.

A crisis involves injury, loss of life or lasting effect on the environment. It taxes your response system, people and tools to the point where you may not be able to keep up. More importantly, a crisis causes people to question the legitimacy of your systems or even your organization. A disaster changes the world and creates new ways of doing business.

You will often be blamed more for how you responded than what actually happened. Legislators, regulators, publics, media and victims ask, “What did you know, when did you know it, and what did you do.” You must be able to answer.

This audio learning program draws heavily on the curriculum Dr. Bonner covered as he studied to be the first North American to be awarded a post-graduate degree in risk, crisis and disaster management.

This program is augmented with a half-hour DVD.

Watch Allan in action during a 30 minute network TV special, recorded to celebrate 20 years in business. Here case studies and proven solutions. Recorded in front of a live studio audience, Allan leads the group through the principles that reduce risk in our lives and our organizations.

Listen to a 90 minute audio course on risk and crisis management too. This audio track captures the curriculum Allan studied in his MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management at Leicester University in the UK. He was the first North American to be awarded this qualification, just before 9/11.

There are four bonus interviews.

Hear Manchester Inspector Lawrence Foster, Msc, in charge of public safety and counter terrorism. Lawrence’s specialty is stadium safety to prevent soccer hooliganism.

Bill Akerley speaks about safety at air shows, including a crash and lightening strike while he was on duty. You will hear how lightening can strike twice.

5th Dan Karate Sensei Patrice Williams speaks about risk and crisis management from a Martial Arts perspective. Here how the lessons of self-defense are also the lessons of corporate defense.

General Ron Cheritan has been stationed in Washington, Cairo and Pakistan. He headed Canada’s Counter Terrorism Task Force has been deployed during civil unrest . Allan and General Cheriton were under contract to the Department of National Defense on several occasions. They travelled to most military bases in the country and worked at DND HQ in Ottawa. They became good friends and subsequently worked together for other clients including international diplomats. General Cheriton takes risk and crisis management into listeners’ daily lives. He also addresses how crisis responders should interact with military responders, if it comes to that.


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