Graduate Research and Writing Skills DVD




The modern office is swimming in written documents. email, transcribed voice mail, print-outs of web pages, faxes, letters, reports and other documents cover the desks of managers. Despite our oral culture and instant email, good writing is still at a premium. Clear writing saves time and money. Good writing is also a statement about your abilities, seniority and how seriously colleagues and customers should treat your communication.

Tips, tricks, dos & don’ts will save you time and money. Learn editing skills and ways to break through writers’ block. The companion audio pack deals with turbo writing, the dining room table strategy and the dressing gown strategy. The 3-hour video features clips from network television programs and tips on research skills.

Watch approximately three hours of video lecture on research techniques. This law school lecture is augmented with video clips on negotiation, dispute resolution, crisis management and clear communication.

Listen to about 90 minutes of audio lecture on writing skills for communicators in business and government. This is backed up by our web-based workbook and diagrams.


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