Crisis Preparation

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Manchester, 9/11, Oklahoma City, Boston Bombing, Toronto’s gang of 17, Commercial Union Bombing, the Glasgow Airport Attack, London’s 7/7 bombings, van attacks, truck attacks—there is a way to prepare and respond.

These three books are a result of 30 years of research and working in the field.  Working in the field means responding to air crashes, workplace disputes, inquests, cyber breaches, writing dozens of crisis plans, and handling countless crises on the front pages of newspapers and lead stories in newscasts.  Research means reading and analyzing 100 urban emergency plans from three continents.  Get the whole story.  Get the broad perspective.

An Ounce of Prevention is chock full of case studies, checklists, dos & don’ts, and lessons on writing crisis plans.  The companion DVD gets you a crisis plan in days, not weeks if you fill in the blanks of 100 or so forms, checklists, charts, and pre-written material.
Safer Cities of the Future analyses 100 urban emergency plans from the top cities of the world.  Learn and borrow from the best.
Cyber City Safe was written with three other researchers—from Russia, an Oxonian, and a technology expert.  The result is easy to handle chapters on the threat from hackers, terrorists, thrill seekers, and even sincere activists.  Your city, hospital, university, and major employers are not prepared, but can be with the checklists and lessons in this book.
As a bonus you will receive digital downloads of audio and video material.
These include:  Risk and Crisis Management—a network TV special, Unfolding Disasters, more than two hours on how events will unfold, Urban War Stories, my personal experiences in cities.
This package is worth $179.75, but being offered in this bundle at a 44% reduction to $99.99


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