The Chief Negotiator




Ironically, you find it difficult to get your kids to do anything even if it will save them time, energy and money. The other night’s negotiation on which movie to see dragged on until there was no movie to see. And where to eat-a person could starve to death. You may find yourself lacking as the head of the negotiating committee in your own life. And yet that’s what you do at work. There’s no guarantee that you’ll excel at work where you struggle at home. But these materials will increase the success rate in both places.


This Bundle contains:

Tough Love $29.95

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution The network TV Special – CD   $14.99

The Original SOCKOs® System CD           $14.95

Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOS $29.99

Total Value $89.88

Bundle Price $74.99


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