Tough Love at the Table


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Power, Culture and diversity in Negotiations, Mediation & Conflict Resolution
220 pages, footnotes, bibliography, glossary of terms, appendices.

Barter with the author on the Great Wall of China, do a business deal over lunch in the Eagle’s Nest in the Hong Kong Hilton and mediate among millionaire developers in the office of the longest serving mayor in the world.

Join the author in his recounting of cases he’s handled over the past twenty years including same-sex sexual harassment, oil spill simulations after the Exxon Valdez spill and on the green line with peace keepers in Cyprus.

These entertaining case studies are recounted using proven and ethical techniques. Some cases are funny; others involve life and death. All contain valuable lessons.

Academics will benefit from the appendices which contain a glossary of terms and guidance for ethnographers. A 19 page bibliography and more than 140 endnotes will guide readers to further study.

“This book is esthetically pleasing, driven by empathy
and dedicated to the highest of moral, ethical and professional values.
It is a generous and delicious taste of ‘Tough Love.’ Straight forward,
cogent and real. The nearly lost fine art of getting people to ‘do what
you need them to do while allowing them to believe it was their idea’
is brilliantly taught by Dr. Allan Bonner.”

-Detective James T. Shanahan
Chief Instructor,
Police Academy of the City of New York

“The war story approach makes for an easy and entertaining read.”

-Jamie Snook
Chief Executive Officer,
Labrador Metis Nation

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