Doing and Saying the Right Thing


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Bibliography, 24 pictures, diagrams and illustrations
Perception is reality, but reality is reality too. In the 24/7 media environment where regulatory and legislative scrutiny increases quarterly, the modern manager needs to be ambidextrous—both getting it right and reassuring others that the right thing has been done.
Diagrams and case studies simplify:
• reputation management
• writing for the news media
• organizing your thoughts
• handling tough questions
• why some risks lead to negative results while others are ignored

“…starting with the legions of public relations and communications
professionals…they should treat Mr. Bonner’s book like a religious
text and return to it again and again for guidance.”

-Mark Entwistle
Former Press Secretary to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney,
The Hill Times

“It all comes down to messaging and THE SOCKO ® SYSTEM is the best single volume I have read on how to get your message across as well as what pitfalls we can avoid.”

-Colin Robertson
Advocacy Minister and Head of the Washington Secretariat,
Embassy of Canada

“I consider myself fortunate to have benefited from being trained in the
SOCKO method by Allan Bonner and his team. My training occurred just after
my appointment as Canada’s chief negotiator for the North American Free
Trade Agreement… The common sense SOCKO ® approach allowed me to think
much more clearly about how to communicate, and I am convinced led to a
better result both for the Government and the Media and their Audience.”

-John M. Weeks
Senior Business Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP,
Ottawa Canada

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