Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future


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Why are we in a leadership crisis? Up to 85% of mergers and acquisitions destroy value, executives are in jail, economies are shaky and politics isn’t providing answers.
This new book provides answers. Based on my doctoral research and work with leaders on 5 continents for 25 years, I also draw on my experiences teaching and learning in a Karate Dojo. You will find out why leaders fail and what can be done about it a blend of Eastern and Western approaches.

“Forceful, insightful and practical … and, on top of that, a very good read.”

– Aram Bakshian, Jr.
Founding Editor of American Speaker and Director of Presidential Speech writing for Ronald Reagan

“There are many books today that talk about success in business. Bonner has chosen to talk rather about the epidemic of failures –sometimes catastrophic – that we have seen in the recent recession and which continue to the present. In searching for the roots of these problems, Bonner finds a shocking lack of traditional values: hard work, short turnaround times, respect for tradition and rank, humility, clean, simple living, and an old term that has taken on a new meaning – fellowship – the capacity to learn from others.”

-Joseph C. Braun
Argonne National Laboratory

“Good leadership is the glue that bonds a successful organization into a cohesive whole, from top to bottom. And good leadership, as capably described by Allan Bonner in this book, is not something that you’re born with. Those who would aspire to become capable and respected leaders have much to learn from those who have succeeded, but they also have much to learn from this book.”

-Ray Henault – Gen (Ret’d)
Former Chief of the Defense Staff,
Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

“The amalgamation of modern western psychology and ancient eastern martial arts philosophy has been the cornerstone of the curriculum I have promoted for many years. Again I turn with special trust and confidence to Dr. Allan Bonner and this, his latest work, which will serve as an inspiration to me, and an installment to my own research and reference library.”

-Detective James Shanahan
Police Academy City of New York

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