The Bonner Business Series – Media Relations



This definitive text at several leading Universities and Colleges is journalism in reverse. It demystifies public affairs, starting with examining your news value and working through media lists, press releases, news conferences and keeping reporters coming back for more.

It uses the proven SOCKO ® system for message generation, and takes you through the media venues you may encounter (including when things go wrong):

• sit downs
• stand ups
• scrums
• double-enders
• talk shows

Diagrams help you through setting up a media work centre, public affairs room and keeping on top of breaking news. Pictures from inside the major networks and a glossary of media terms get to the details of media skills.

“This is an entertaining, common-sense analysis of the right and wrong ways to deal with the media, by a writer who knows his subject intimately and has the war stories to prove it.”

-Warren Clements
Member of the Editorial Board,
The Globe And Mail

“Bonner has taken the mystery, and I expect the fear, out of media interviews with this informative tome. By telling the reader in no uncertain terms what the reporter expects, he is making our job as a journalist all the easier. It’s a must read for anyone who has to deal with the print, radio or television media.”

-Harold Levy
The Toronto Star

“Allan Bonner’s wide experience as a broadcaster and consultant makes this a valuable handbook to understanding the media. It deals clearly and concisely with everything you need to know when you find yourself in the news spotlight. from organizing the press conference, to getting your message across, to answering the tough questions. Essential and Insightful.”

-Lloyd Robertson
CTV News

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