The Crisis Manager




Your crisis is that the boss wants you to review the crisis plan. Where to start? Or is it start over? You need to know what you need to know quickly. You need to know what you don’t know even more quickly. How much dust on the crisis plan on your shelf is too much? What’s in and what’s out? Get on with it in a big way. Press “print” on the interactive DVD and you’ll soon have an 80 page plan.

An Ounce of Prevention  $29.95

Cyber City Safe   $34.95

The Original SOCKOs® System CD $14.95

Risk and Crisis Management The network TV Special – CD $14.99

Unfolding Disasters Disc 1 $14.95

Unfolding Disasters Disc 2 $14.95

An Ounce Of Prevention – DVD  $39.95

Total $165.69


Bundle Amount $ 110

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