An Ounce of Prevention




With more than 100 check lists, diagrams, charts, tables, forms and per-written documents, this is the comprehensive guide to a crisis plan that you need. Conversational prose makes complex concepts in risk and crisis management easily accessible. Case studies and anecdotes from real-life incidents remind readers of the dos and don’ts of crisis management.When you hear the expression, “He wrote the book on crisis management”-this is the book. This book had its origins in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Dr. Bonner had trained responders who went to Alaska and was then commissioned to design and execute major oil spills for the oil industry and coast guard on both coast of North America. Seeing that their crisis plans were not adequate, clients then commissioned new plans from scratch.This plan has been polished, re-written, researched and tested in the diplomatic corps, with the military, trade officials, hospitals, police forces, off-shore drilling companies, mining companies and many other high need clients on five continents over 15 years.

This originally sold for $295.00 in 3-ring binders. Now it’s just 10% of that cost because of savings on printing in traditional book form.

-Harvey SchachterThe Globe and Mail

“This book is an excellent piece of work. It is clear, comprehensive and articulate and provides the blueprint for establishing a culture of crisis management awareness, planning and preparation at all levels in an organization. It is a “must-read” for leaders who are serious about dealing effectively with the unexpected.”

-General (Ret’d) Ray HenaultFormer Chief of Defence Staff,former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

“a content rich, solution based presentation that promotes a message vital to the critical incident response community.”

-Detective James T. ShanahanPolice Academy of the City of New York

“…good, solid common sense…the kind of common sense that is regularly ignored…”

-Laurence Foster MScFormer Head of Emergency Planning,Greater Manchester Police Director of Emergency Planning,Sakerhetspartner Norden UK

Most of our publications contain some reference to our unique “SOCKO”™ system. Some books contain newer applications, longer definitions or more examples. Please read thoroughly because the new information will be helpful. But this is why we also provide a complimentary disc–either audio or video to augment your learning experience. We match the disc to your choice of books.

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