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You see nothing odd in buying a book before it’s even published. You’ve always thought a move or two ahead. In fact, you probably knew the book was being written before the author did. You get more reading done in transit and in down time than your competitors get done at work. You also read books for the errors and omissions you hope to find. You’ve sent authors an email or two.

You’ve mastered many things and communications is just one of them. You know the wrong way (from your early experiences). You know the best way (from your many successes). And you often chose your own way because you operate where only exceptions to the rules will work. You see the issues and the stakeholders coming like a speck in a fighter pilot’s vision field in a dog fight. While others are wondering if it’s a speck of dirt or a bird, you’re deploying counter measures that keep your team safe.

One of the few things you’re not really sure of is which serves you best-the mastery you learned in a classroom or on the street. You’re proud of both.

This is the package that works in the classroom, on the street and in that fighter plane.

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