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Sure, cold pizza and warm beer taught some great lessons on the campaign trail. You distinguished yourself enough to get the job. You’ll find that getting elected is often the easy part in politics. Now you need to use travel time to read on planes and in cabs. You also better use exercise time to blow off some steam-but learn while you do it with audio and video learning materials. Lower cholesterol and blood pressure on the stepper or treadmill, and increase your knowledge of the real political process at the same time.

You’ve worked your way through and up the political system to the top position. Little did you know that this means gatekeeping. As you open and close (mainly close) the door to the boss’s office, don’t be surprised that there’s no tipping the gatekeeper. In fact, what you mainly get is criticism. There’s no downtime –only multi-tasking. So read in the back of the limo, watch video on your notebook on the plane, and listen to audio while you wait for baggage.


This Bundle is comprised of:

Political Columns  $24.95

Political Conventions $29.99

Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future $29.99

Leadership Disc 1 CD  $14.95

Leadership Disc 2 CD   $14.95

The Original SOCKOs® System CD  $14.95


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Bundle total $99

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